Full Service Firearms Repair, Sales and More

Solving Your Firearm Problems In A Timely And Cost Effective Manner. We are a full service gunsmithing shop, serving Firearms Enthusiasts throughout the Treasure Valley and the United States. We provide professional firearms repair, educational instruction for all levels, firearms sales, Class III Firearms/Suppressors, personal service and much more...

  1. Educational Instruction for all levels
  2. Class III Firearms and Supressors
  3. Personal Service
  4. Full Service Firearm Repair
  5. Firearm Sales
  6. Appraisals


  • .338RUM/1 mile shooter
  • .338RUM/1 mile shooter
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Hunting Sports

Enjoying the outdoors and pursuing wildlife for food and recreation. Big game, small game and waterfowl sports involving hunters education and wildlife services for adults and youth interests.
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Cowboy Action Shooting

Costumes, Guns and Fun......enter the 1880's with costumes and firearms from the cowboy era included in this shooting event. Adults and youth celebrating the old west in funfilled events.
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Trap/Skeet Shooting

Clay pigeon shooting involving accuracy and etiquette with trap shotguns and consecutive runs of firing. Popular with youth and adults of all ages.
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Action Shooting

Practical Shooting with handguns for young adults, beginning shooters, competitive level shooters and everyone in between. Target shooting based on accuracy and elapsed time.
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